boohoo collab

Here in the UK, it's hot hot hot. It's weird to say but it's hotter then when I went to Greece a few weeks ago. I know right,  how on earth?  It's nice to finally have a summer full of sun, but at the same time it does get stressful. I don't know about you but I don't have air conditioning and my bedroom is south facing which means it's constantly boiling. I have to spend most of my time being a nudest in my room hoping no one walks in. It's funny I moan if it's not hot then when it is i'm still moaning, i'm never happy am I ha!?

So I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful maxi dress from boohoo, honestly i'm in love. The colour is so beautiful and it is so lovely for this weather strolling down the beach. I wish I had it when I was on holiday, but I'm still enjoying myself in this heat imagining I'm in Bali. I am usually not much of a maxi dress fan but this one is just so me, especially the fact its leopard print.

Anyway I must stop typing and enjoy my fun in the sun before it goes.

Hope everyone has a fab week!


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