What Fashion Means To Me

Today I thought I would talk about what fashion means to me. I would like to say my fashion sense is quite individual, it's not intensely similar to that many peoples. I never really know how to define my style either. Is there any word that can define me. Someone once said it's just "Saffy Style". Maybe I just range from every style, there isn't one word that can categorize me.

Fashion as cheesy as it sounds means everything to me. It's helped define me as a person but not only that has helped me grow as a person, made me more confident. I used to be the least confident person ever. If i'm wearing an outfit I really like, I feel on top of the world. I walk the streets with my headphones in and strut, because weirdly a funky outfit to me makes me happy. Sometimes I will wear a particular outfit and it will make me really excited.

Every now and then I do feel down about my style. I feel like no ones interested because it's not relatable enough. It makes me feel like my blog doesn't mean much to people, but maybe the important thing is it means a lot to me. I'm never gonna change my fashion because it doesn't relate to a particular market. I am me, no one can change that. I like being individual. 

This outfit probably has given me the biggest confidence boost ever. I've never had people react to my style like this ever. I had so many comments and scenarios all when I was in town. When people you don't know compliment you, its honestly the best feeling ever. Its so crazy I had people taking pictures of me because they thought I looked "cool". For someone who has 0 confidence and puts themselves down all the time, it's nice to have this kinda affect. I thought I would write a few things that people said to me in this post as I think its funny, but mainly because I want something to look back at.

The many comments on Sapphire Needhams Red Outfit
( Some are said to my face, some are just said behind my back but very obviously)

  • Who is she supposed to be Lady Gaga 
  • You're like the female version of Christmas ( Not sure what female version of Christmas means haha)
  • You look amazing, you're gonna be famous one day
  • A man drove past very slowly and his window went down slowly with him shouting out "I like your style, not enough red though"
  • Have you seen that girls outfit, mad!
  • You look fantastic
  • Nice trousers, Fancy as fuck

those are just a few I noted down, Shannon told me I should start noting it down as it would be cool to put in this post. 

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing weekend.
Speak soon xxx

Top: Nasty Gal  • Trousers: Nasty Gal  • Jacket: Nasty Gal  • Shoes: Zara  • Beret: Depop

What's your opinion?

  1. I have to agree, fancy as fuck.
    I adore your style and this outfit is incredible! Keep doing what you're doing :)

    Chelsea x

  2. You are certainly different, unique ♥ That's why I love your blog!

    It's okay if it's fancy or not relatable. This is the kind of girl and blog you have, and we stay here because we love that! ♥

    Sora | http://dangerouslyme.com/

    1. Aw thank you so much! That means a lot to me :) xxx