Stop Being Afraid Of The Future

Photography: Gina Dreka 

I've got to that point in my life where I don't know what i'm doing, i'm so afraid of the future and whether I will be doing something I enjoy. I recently dropped out of uni, this was a big decision for me, I have moments where I think, was this definitely the right decision? I think a lot of people in my shoes may feel the same, I also think it's common to be afraid of the future. I don't really want to live like this though, I want to feel excited and keep working for what I enjoy. My problem always is how do I get there? where do I start ? The last few days have been pretty chill for me and i've had time to think about life a bit more. The more time i've spent alone has made me crave doing creative projects. You know what, I miss filmmaking. Ever since I was younger that was my dream then it kinda evolved to photography. Don't get me wrong I still love photography, but i've been watching loads of music videos and just been feeling so inspired lately. I'm so desperate to get to that stage and start doing projects again. I think a lot of the time I appreciate the art direction behind a film, I love how it is visually and the idea behind it.

I'm particularly feeling inspired by Petra Collins and Nadia Lee Cohen. Petra directed Fetish by Selena Gomez. I just love her use of lighting, they always look so beautiful. Nadia directed After The Storm by Kali Uchis. Her films are unique and often heavily influenced by American cinema. These girls have influenced me so much at the moment and motivated me to get my shit together and start working hard. You're never gonna get anywhere if you don't work for it. That's my promise I need to tell myself.

If you're feeling uninspired at the moment and your afraid of where you're gonna be in the future. STOP RIGHT NOW. Live in the moment and stop being afraid of the future, you will eventually figure it out. I still haven't got it figured out but i'm going to try to stop worrying about that and just do what I enjoy now.

Shirt: Nasty Gal | Bodysuit: Primark | Trousers: Nasty Gal | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters | 

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