Being Independent

In case you’re reading this and you’re not in the loop, I dropped out of university. It’s weird being back home. I’ve never moved out of with my parents until September, I kinda dipped into the pool of adulthood. In my head I thought “this is not gonna go down well” . I didn’t think I was ready to move out, mainly because I’m helpless at cooking and wasn’t keen on the idea of living on pasta and pizza for the rest of my uni days. Surprisingly, I did okay. Often I would have to ask my flat mates very dumb questions. Do you ever get panicky when you’re around people that are really good at something then you start to become worse at what your doing as you feel so much pressure to do well? Well, that’s how I felt with cooking. Honestly I felt like everyone were chefs in my flat. Most university students live off beans. I had people with slow cookers, the whole shebang. It’s cool, at least I had people to talk to if I needed help, that’s all that mattered. I’m going on a tangent here, I do love to ramble, sorry. 

So with university, if you read my blog you will know how much I hated it. But shock horror, there is little things I do miss. That ladies and gentlemen is being independent. You may have guessed already by the title. Besides that I thought I wouldn’t have manage well, however sometimes it’s good to be thrown in the deep end, but hey I survived 3 months, I can’t of been doing that bad. I think this is a main issue with a lot of people my age but with parents every time you leave the house, you get the 21 questions of where you’re going, who you meeting up with. I mean it’s obviously nice as it shows they care, but I just don’t like having to explain what I am doing every time I leave the house. I liked being able to leave the flat whenever I want and not be questioned. If i'm ever really emotional it’s nice to go for a walk to clear my mind, but I can’t really do that at home. As I will get someone confused where I am going. I know I’m making it a bigger thing then it actually is, and it’s not that big of a deal that people ask where you’re going, but honestly I really miss the independence. I also find that being back home I’m a lot lazier, when it comes to cleaning and washing. At uni I would usually keep on top of that and wouldn’t let things get too bad. I would also actually go to the shop. Now that I’m home if it comes to going co op I’m like naaaaah. Unless I’m already out. At uni I would go to the shop At least once a day. I developed a slight comfort food obsession with cherry bakewells, we don’t talk about that. To be honest this is another very minor thing but I miss being able to stay in your pj's all day and not have anyone tell you to get dressed. It’s nice having lazy days sometimes. 

My point is I dipped into the world of adulthood and came back home and sometime it’s makes you feel like a child again, I liked being independent. But that’s not to say I hate it, I love my parents and grateful to live at home, there’s still better points to living at home too. There’s always gonna be pros and cons to everything. I just dream one day I live in Brighton and possibly have Georgia Nicholson’s house in Angus thongs. I plan to have lots and lots of plants when I eventually move out. Which probably won’t be for a very long time, considering how expensive it is to live in Brighton and with my ahem current financial situation not being greaaaat.

I hope everyone is having a fab week so far,

Speak Soon xxx

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