I'm having so much writer's block at the moment, which is very annoying, as I wanted to do more larger blog posts, kinda column sorta style. Hopefully soon I will suddenly have 10 ideas and I can save them all for future posts. There is one thing I wanted to start doing with every blog post and that was to have a song I recommend listening to. A fellow blog friend of mine Ali  recommended me doing this as I love my music and I want to add more of it to this platform. I think it's a fabby idea so i'm gonna start doing it from now on. Also every now and then I will include playlists for different moods and a playlist of the month. Lots of music discoverys for you guys ey ! Let me know if you like the idea or have any ideas of anything else more music related. 

I was kindly sent this hoodie from the brand NICCE, and damn it's comfy. It's nice to find a jumper which is really soft, roomy and looks fabby on. I'm usually a person who NEVEEEER dresses for comfort, because I care too much about creating a "cool" outfit. But paring this jumper with leggings like this can definitely spice it up. 

You can check out more black hoodies womens by the link.

So before I finish my post off as promised, here's my track of the day : 

If you like The 1975, then you will definitely like Pale Waves, I recently came across their music and they're bloody fabulous. They have the 80s synth pop kinda sound and if you know me then you will know I love the 80s. Also if anyone knows of any cool indie pop bands, i'm always up for discovering new music hehe.

Jumper: NICCE | Leggings : Sacred Hawk | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Just a random dog lead ( because i'm so extra ;) ) 

What's your opinion?