Fuck Valentines Day, Love Yourself

I miss being young. Those were the days you didn't have to worry about your appearance, the future or basically anything. My biggest worries were how on earth am I going to look after my Tamagotchi when i'm at school? Am I ever gonna get that Barbie i've been lusting over? Nowadays my head's a mess. I'm constantly worrying about the future - My career, relationships and who I am.

Overall I am someone who has 0% self love for myself, I constantly beat myself up for every little thing. I always feel like i'm never good enough. I think my figure is one factor that constantly puts me in the dumps. I every now and then share pictures of my body, this is my own little way of trying to learn to love myself. Most people slut shame me for it and often say what I post is "pornagraphic". Geez! Can't you let the girl try and learn to be accepting of her body and excuse me its 2018 are we seriously still offended by women's bodies and whether or not you can see a girls nipples through her clothes ( but free the nip is a whole other conversation to be saved for later date ) . Although I may post these pictures, in no way does it make me completely okay with my body, i'm still trying to learn to love myself and taking pictures allows me to get that step closer. Taking these kind of pictures is a big step for me, it's never easy for me to post them, but I try to tell myself , love your body and don't care what people think. Most of the time it's not other people who are the main issue, it's myself. The way I see myself is awful. If I heard another girl say the kind of things I feel to themselves. It would kill me. I would have a moment with them just to tell them they mean everything and what they're saying is not true. If I feel this way to other people, why can't I be offended and stop me from being so hard on myself.

I think often we can be our own demons to ourselves and we need to get out of this habit. If you love yourself then no matter what anyone says, it's not gonna hurt you. I think having not much self love it's hard to make it in this world and be successful. If you're constantly putting yourself down, you just got to believe in yourself and think, YES! I am good at what I do. Damn, I need to start listening to myself more often. So what I say is fuck Valentines day this year, love yourself, do you! Because "IF YOU CAN'T LOVE YOURSELF, HOW THE HELL YOU GONNA LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE, CAN I GET AN AMEN IN HERE!"


What's your opinion?

  1. SAFFY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. This photoset is so stunning and I love everything it stands for - embracing your body can be hard, but you do it wholeheartedly with these confident pictures. You inspire me babe xxx

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