Why It's Horrible To Be A Girl On A Night Out

When it's a late night in town it can be very daunting as a woman, especially when you're on your own. Most of the time I can roam the streets confidently and not be phased by it. Often as a woman if you are on your own this is usually the moments you have men victimising you, it can be little or big things. Often it's just them wolf whistling or saying something to you as you walk past. Honestly, it can sometimes get quite scary. I've had a few scenarios happen to me, but obviously nothing compared to what has happened to some woman out there, but it makes you feel super uncomfortable. These situations don't just happen in the dark though it can even happen at 9am in the morning, it happens all the time. It just becomes the most unpleasant generally at night.

Last Night I was walking around in the rain trying to find a toilet as I missed my last train and I was stuck in Brighton and I was searching for somewhere open and I was already freaking out as I was stuck in town and my phone was on 5% unable to reach anyone. I then on my journey came into contact with a group of men who were saying to me "well aren't you sexy" and circling around me and repeating it, I felt so trapped. I honestly burst into tears after it happened, I felt so silly doing that as usually I can deal with these situations well, but today just wasn't that day. I've had times before where i've had people grab me, but i'm just thankful it wasn't one of those days. 

I'm one of those people that does not know how to protect myself, I can't tell people to stop, I just go all awkward and don't say anything. I think the worst situation I got in was in a nightclub called Coalition. I had this man talking to me and I remember feeling very awkward and mouthing to my friends "help me" as he was making me feel very uncomfortable, I can't really remember what he was saying as it was so long ago. I just remember my friends laughing and pointing at me to our other friends. I hate coming across as "mean" so I can't ever tell someone to leave me alone. Anyway this night I chose not to drink so I was completely sober. This guy said let's go to the bar and get a drink, I said I was good but he just took my hand and dragged me to the bar anyway. I asked for a water and the guy I was with gave it to me. Shortly after I suddenly found him pushing me against the wall, he was squeezing my bum and grabbing me everywhere. I felt frozen, he kept trying to lick my ear, I kept moving my head everywhere away from him as I didnt want him to kiss me and I was trying to stop his hands. He was grabbing any place on my body that would make me feel the most uncomfortable. It was so hard to do anything as it was so busy and nowhere to really move. I can't remember how I got out the situation as it was all a blur. After I drunk the water I suddenly came down really ill, I ran to the toilet and was throwing up. I'm not sure if he put something in my drink or I was just shooken up from what happened. I've never had a moment like that where i've felt as scared as I did in that situation, I felt like there was nothing I could do to get out of it. I was hoping someone would see and help me. I just pray that any other woman that gets in a situation similar to this has someone their to protect them or doesn't feel trapped like I did. It's not like I ever came across like I was "asking for it". I'm just thankful it didn't become any worse than it was.

My main point I want anyone to get out of this is please be super careful when walking alone in the streets at night, or when you are at a club or bar. There are men out there that will take advantage of you. You just have to be stronger than me in these situations and be confident and just tell them no means no. If one of your friends are in trouble or if you see another girl in trouble, please help her. You don't understand how important it is to help them. The amount of times i'm glad i've had my friends there to help me or drag me away, i'm so thankful! 

On a more happier note, look how beautiful this two piece is from Elsie and Fred, i've never felt so fabulous in an outfit in my life. I'm so sad, as I ordered some beautiful earrings that I thought would look perfect with this look, but they didn't arrive in time :( Hopefully I have another sparkly kick ass outfit I can match them with hehe!

Anyway Hope everyone's having a fabulous week and chat very soon! 

Top: Elsie And Fred | Trousers: Elsie And Fred | Coat : Urban Outfitters | Choker: Missguided | Necklace: Nasty Gal | 

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  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you my dear! People can be awful, walking home at night can be really scary. I've got a group of construction workers I walk past on my way to work at 8am every morning who catcall me so it really does happen at any time of day! On a lighter note you look stunning!

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com x