Monthly Music Favourites | Pink Camo OOTD |

I want to start posting more music related stuff on my blog, I think music has a big impact in my life. It can affect you so much, whenever I feel down, music is a way to make me feel better. I promise if you put a really delicious sounding sing-a-long song and just dance your pants off, it will make you feel so much better. One thing I loooove doing in my spare time is, making playlists, I love it so much. My dream job may even be a playlist curator for spotify, spotify pls make a gals dream come true.

I'm gonna start making playlists for you lovely people, to show what i'm loving at the moment or any playlists I make for particular moods. I do admit I need to set a day to just improve all my playlists, some are a bit random ha. But you know there is a few gooden's to look out for. Anyway, so here it is, all the songs i've been loving this month, give it a listen, there's some funky songs on there you probably haven't heard before!

Top: Missguided | Trousers: Missguided | Jumper: Missguided | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | 

What's your opinion?

  1. Girl I am LOVING this outfit (mainly cause I have these pink camo trousers too - yasss my twin!!). Such a fab idea to create playlists, I don't know if this sounds weird but I think it would be really cool to have a playlist / song recommendation for every blog post - to listen to whilst looking at the outfit pics.