Slut Shaming Needs To Stop

"Send Nudes" "no" " well, you're a slut anyway".
This sentence is far too relatable to most girls. The amount of times i've been asked for nudes is shocking. If you say no, guys get defensive. For this reason it's often scared me to say no, because I hate the idea of making people upset with me, it's a fear of mine. I feel pressured, the words "send nudes" frighten me. I don't want to be seen as a prude. I don't want people to be angry at me. I am someone that is personally uncomfortable with my body, which you're probably thinking from this shoot it's a bit ironic, but honestly it's true. I can't stand the idea of people seeing my stomach.

A common thing I find when it comes to sending nudes, if I say i'm not comfortable or I hate my body, I get the response of it's fine, I think you have a perfect body blah blah blah, or in some way they try to manipulate you. I end up feeling bad , looking back at that, why should I feel bad. I'm not saying im uncomfortable for some kind of attention, I just honestly don't want to and I hate that most guys can't accept that. If someone is pressuring you into sending them nudes, thats a sign you should let that mango ( see what I did there ;) - Oh boy). 
Obviously it's okay to send nudes, if you actually want to, but being pressured to do so is not okay. 

I've found myself a few times being called out for being a slut because I haven't sent a dirty picture to them, where on earth is the logic behind this? Like seriously kanye-not! 
I've been slut shamed for even my Instagram, mainly by friends. I most of the time wonder why are people so offended by my body? I'm trying to learn to love myself, but I get put down when trying to do so. I post some pictures on instagram as i'm trying to up my confidence and learn to love myself. It makes it upsetting when people can't see this. When I see girls uploading body confident pictures, i'm just like YAAAAAS QUEEN, not "ergh, you're such a slut". 

The word slut shouldn't exist! I hate that word and in no way would I use it to explain anyone. So what if someone likes sex, a girl can do whatever she wants with her body, why should she get called out for that. I find it crazy how a girl can be labelled a slut for the way she dresses or the number of people she has slept with as opposed to men being praised for the same behaviour. If you don't sleep around you're seen as a prude, there's never an in between. What i'm trying to say is stop slut shaming people for what they do or what they wear, it's their life, let them do what they want. It's bloody 2017 stop being offended by a woman's boobs, let her do her thing, be proud of who she is. There is no excuse for slut shaming.

What's your opinion?

  1. Amen to this girl!! We shouldn’t even bat an eyelid about what others are doing now! Do what makes you confident and don’t worry about others you are insane xx

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