Space Girl - Halloween Makeup

Photography: Scarlett Douglas

It's not that often I do makeup on my blog, I want to do it more often but I never feel like i'm that great at makeup so I distance myself from doing it, but you know it's halloween so let's do it. 
I'm not gonna lie me and Scarlett did this at like 1 in the morning, shows how eager I am ey ;)

The whole look in general was kinda an improvisation and see what happens when I finish it, so I guess you can say i'm a Space Girl or it can be whatever you interpret it to be. It was quite easy to do all I needed was a few blue eyeshadows and glitters. I recently ordered the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette, I was far too excited to use it, so obviously I had to use it for this look. The colours don't actually have names for them so i'm just gonna say I used the two teale colours from the pallet and I used them to contour and do my eyeshadow ( with help from my beautiful friend Scarlett ). I then for my eyes applied the Marc Jacobs precision eyeliner accompanied by the Collection glitter liner which was applied directly above the winged liner shaping it to my crease. As a highlight I used Becca Moonstone and added fine glitter to help make it a little more prominent. I then used a Gypsy Shrine glitter pot and applied this to the sides of my face.  To finish the look I put lipgloss onto my lips then applied silver glitter using a small brush, it's probably not the best way of getting glitter lips but i'm sure there's tutorials on how to do it because hey it may not be safe what i'm doing hah! I do imagine this to you isn't the most detailed post, so apologies, but if you have any questions, of course you are more then welcome to ask. Let me know if you would like more makeup looks and I promise I will do it more detailed and step by step!

Hope you enjoyed this look and I hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

What's your opinion?

  1. You look great! I wish I would have seen this before halloween this year, I would have given it a go myself!

    Rosie |