I Miss You Brighton

I feels like it's been ageeeees since I last did a blog post which makes me very sad. Last weekend I went home for a couple of days to visit a few friendly faces, it was so nice being back, if only I could of been there longer. The journey from Falmouth to Brighton is very very long, if you didn't know already. I spent around ten and a half hours travelling yesterday to get home, it was a nightmare, but hey I managed to get everywhere by myself no problem, so ya know be proud of little old Saffy for that.

I miss Brighton, it's such a fab town to live in, it's so creative and has so much going on. What I like about it is it has that London vibe but also is a seaside town and can be quite chill too, it's like a mix between London and Falmouth, which I feel is a perfect combination. It's also very music orientated, you can discover so many new and talented bands there. I've discovered that I would love to get into live music photography. I've never tried it but I get so excited by the idea of doing it and capturing an image that really sets the tone of a gig. 

In this outfit I was kindly gifted these b-e-a-u-tiful boots from JustFab, so lets just make this an appreciation post to them as they're stunning. I had to pair it with this rather gallant kimono, I feel like together they make a statement. 

Bodysuit: Asos | Skirt: Topshop | Kimono : Sacred Hawk | Hat: Nasty Girl | Shoes: JustFab | 

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