My First Time Abroad | OOTD |

Well I finally did it, I went away for the first time ever in my life. Everything felt so unreal boarding a plane, being in another country, everything. Before last week I had no idea what I needed to do when going through an airport, everything was so new and confusing to me. What you can and can't take what am I doing? Getting a plane was very scary for me, as we were about to board I kept having massive panic attacks, I managed to do it. Being on a plane is actually an amazing experience seeing all the places from up there is something incredible, but still very nerve racking. 


For my first time abroad we went to Split Croatia, no ragrets there. It was so so so beautiful there. The water was so clear, especially at Omis beach, if you ever go to Split definitely travel to Omis, the beach there is incredible and while you're there have a go at the ziplining! I think another thing that made it mad was being somewhere that there wasn't heaps loads of English spoken, thats an obvious thing that you're gonna expect, but for someone who has never left England it can be quite daunting. Handling money can especially be the most daunting, because you're like ahhh am I doing this right or ahh where does this bus go! Getting the buses was definitely scary, we were staying just outside of split and the bus stops had no information at all. Not even a timetable the name of the bus or anything, so that was very confusing and scary for us. Are we gonna get home, is this going to where we want to!? We managed to wing everyday when getting the bus, but hey atleast we got to places.

Hands down going abroad was an amazing experience and I would LOVE to explore more places, where's the best places you have been, or where would you like to go? I think the next place I would love to go to is Capri or Santorini would be a dream!

I think I may do a proper blogpost with instagram style pictures and go more into detail about going to Croatia, if people are interested in seeing?

Dress: Topshop | Hat: Topshop | Shoes: Office | Necklaces: ShopDixi |

What's your opinion?

  1. Saff you are such a babe! You look gorgeous and I'm so happy you finally went away, it looked amazing! I would love to visit Croatia one day xx

  2. Fantastic photos, I love the natural shadows and pockets of light! I also loved Split, only stayed for part of a day and unfortunately didn't get any great photos at the time—had an excellent lunch with very fresh olive oil though! 🔮🙏

  3. Love these photos so much... and I absolutely loved your vlog, it had me laughing so much! xxx

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