The Start Of Uni

Recently I started uni, which was a big step for me, I had no idea if it was the right decision. Often people say they had the same problem but eventually settled in. My degree is fashion photography which originally I did at college and dedicated my life to, since doing more work on my blog I fell out of love with it. 

It's crazy how much pressure people put on you to go to uni. People made me feel like without uni I wouldn't be successful and it's the only choice I had if I wanted a future. Which in theory is not fair for people to say but it scared me into going. I sometimes I feel it wasn't my own decision to go but mainly feeling "forced to go". Surprisingly my parents pressured me the least out of anyone into uni, often it's the other way round for people. I still to this day question if uni is for me but i'm giving it a try and seeing if I do enjoy it.  Don't get me wrong I love the whole experience and the idea of being more independent and diving into the adult world for myself. I often get the anxiety that i'm a failure if I drop out! Can I still have an amazing career I dream of without uni? 

I just want people who are thinking of uni to know, DON'T FEEL PRESSURED INTO GOING like me. Seriously, don't let people make you feel it's the end of the world if you don't go! Do whatever you want with your life and know you can still be a fabulous boss ass bish! 

Top: Urban Outfitters | Dress: Nasty Gal | Shoes: Office | Hat : Nasty Gal |

What's your opinion?

  1. Absolutely love that outfit - you rock the hat so much!!

    I definitely agree that there's a lot of pressure to go to University, but it's good that you're giving it a go and doing a degree that really interests you. Wishing you the best of luck beautiful - you'll be a superstar no matter what you decide in the end! xxx

  2. i love the outfits! you are looking so stylish in this pictures i really love your style..