Is Univeristy For Everyone?

I'm in that point in my life where everything's all about university and it always seems to feel like a hard decision. I constantly question myself on if I actually want to go, do I still want to do fashion photography? I kinda feel like i've lost my passion in it. Society makes you feel like it's the end of the world if you don't go, it feels like you're missing out on a lot. I get scared that if I don't go to uni that i'll end up in a dead end job. My dream in life is to be a blogger and have my own online magazine, I always feel the best when i'm blogging. I want to do it all the time, it's my passion. Another reason why I don't want to go to uni is I wont be able to try very hard with my blog anymore and living in Falmouth, it's so far away from everything. The time is getting more tight on whether I want to go. I change my mind every minute, I have my heart set on going then next thing I know I change my mind and say to myself I don't want to go and just concentrate on making myself as a blogger. I often put myself down and think will it ever be possible to make blogging my career? I always feel like it's not going anywhere. I should really start being more positive and have more of a try harder personality, because if you don't work hard at what you want you don't get! Maybe it's a good decision to have another year out? I did that before to help me decide and I still never did. It's hard to say as I may end up loving it if I go. When I initially did my photography foundation degree, I was in the same position, I thought I should drop out and not do it. In the end I gave it a try and I loved it, I don't regret it one bit, I also met some of my best friends there, which I feel so lucky to have. So because of this decision it makes it very hard.

If you went or are at uni, did you have doubts like this? If you didn't go to uni, do you regret it ? I'm so intrigued for other peoples opinions! 

P.S: I recently made a playlist called ' Girl Power' , which is a much needed playlist if you're feeling bad ass.

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