Why modern dating is toxic

The modern dating world, let's face it, it's crap. Too many people I have met in my life say very similar things, we always use the same quote " guys are the worst". I wish talking to a guy was more simple. You can't just have a nice conversation and discuss when you will meet again etc. It's always full of such silly games. You can't text back too quick, otherwise you will come off too eager, you have to carefully think out each message. The amount of times i've had to message my friends asking if a certain message sounds okay, we would be here for days. Then you're playing the waiting game, you're left completely over thinking anything you say! On that subject, what happened to phone calls ? Why is a simple phone call so deadly? Phone calls are more personal and you can be yourself! 

But the hardest part is when it comes to meeting up, they act all eager when they first meet you and say " We should meet up sometime" , then NEVER make an effort to make it happen, you're always trying to plan it and you hate yourself because you hate constantly asking the question. You want them to try to ask you. Then you get the " maybe, i'll let you know" . It's soul destroying waiting to know if you will meet and DO I SHAVE MY LEGS? like I can't know an hour before !? 

I'm not a casual dating kinda girl, I hate the idea of dates, unless it's someone I really like and i've been talking to for while, then I would go on a date. I'm a very sensitive person and when I really like someone I get mesmerised by them and that most of the time does not work in my favour. I've never been in a relationship, so i've had my heartbroken more times than not.

Even though I hate these games, I do sometimes like the chase ( to a degree) but that's just the excitement of what they're gonna reply. Are we gonna meet up? what's he gonna say next? and when you get a great message the feeling of all the butterflies and the massive smile you get on your face is the best, but that part is usually rare.

Social media is so deadly, stalking someone is so easy. We're all ashamed when we stalk, but we all do it. 9 times out of 10 we usually end up getting our feelings hurt. It's terrible how instagram can tell you what people have been liking. Then you see they have been liking loads of girls pictures and it kinda hurts, its stupid how it does, but it really does. 

The late night "hey" message, now we all know what that means, it's very obvious, just don't do it to yourself, be strong. You know at this point they're just using you for sex and they think they can get you whenever they want. Ergh, it annoys me so much, where is the respect. It's even worse when you keep trying to meet up with them for weeks then one day they hit you with the late night text. 

Its so difficult to get over someone when you're head over heels for them, it's even worse when you know they don't give two shits about you. You just need to keep telling yourself you're better than that. It never really helps when people say, you're just too good for him, because it obviously doesn't feel that way when they don't care about you one bit. It sucks that men don't really have much emotion when it comes to dating, they're a lot less sensitive than girls. We become so vulnerable and the guy knows that and has a handful of different girls. We keep telling ourselves maybe one day we can be the one girl and change him, but let's face it you can't change a fuck boy. Then once you try and get over them they suddenly come back into your life like " hey I bet you thought you saw the last of me". It's like they can detect you're nearly getting over them, but they can't be having that, oh no, they still need that attention.


You're constantly painting this picture in your mind hoping things will go a certain way, but it's always a dream that will never be reality. What you need to do is get rid of these toxic men in your life , be the boss ass bitch you are. Tell that guy to you kiss your fine peachy ass, because he's missing out on a queen!  Listen to Dua Lipa's New Rules to remind you! I highly recommend it, trust me. If you're ever thinking of texting that guy, listen to it, just listen it all the time okay!

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  1. I know I can't related but I have read a few posts on how it's hard to date in this day and age and I have witnessed it, it's not nice! Where is the I'll pick up up at 7:30 and whisk you away for dinner with a bunch of flowers in hand and at the end you arrange to see each other there and then if you get on or where is the guy that will just come up and chat to you! I feel social media really has changed the dating game and it's so sad! Fabulous post though, really good! xx

    1. So true, it seems like romance was far more beautiful back in the day, its really true things like social media and texting has changed everything! Thank you so much Beth xxxx

  2. OMG I don't know what to say. Is it the story of my life? lol
    I really experienced the exact same things. I mean...it's like I'm reading my own thoughts :))
    Anyway, this sporty dan trendy look is dope! Love it so much <3


  3. Yessss, that last paragraph is just perfect. Be a boss bitch and rule the world on your own!!

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