Trading Post Coffee Roasters Brighton

Recently I went for brunch with these fabulous girlies from my work. We went to Trading Post Coffee in Brighton, which is literally my regular place to go, after most blog shoots and after work you will find me there! It's a shame I didn't get any pictures of the interior as it's so pretty and INSTAGRAMABLE, they have pretty lights. See I'm pretty basic sometimes, i'm a classic blogger, a cafe can win me over easily if it's instagramable. Anyway, back to my point the food at Trading Post is delicious and it also serves little snacks like croques, brownies and croissants etc as well as actual meals. I often go for Eggs Benedict because it is very tasty but they have a wide variety of delicious food. The price is pretty standard for somewhere in Brighton, so not exactly cheap but not insanely expensive. If i'm just going there for a quick snack I will usually grab a salted caramel brownie and pink lemonade ( and no I do not just get the lemonade as it's pink - although it is a plus side ;)  ) .

After Trading Post we found ourselves at Gelato Gusto, which myself have never been to before, but it's very nice, has some great choices of flavours and it's a cute little place to go with friends on a nice sunny day, which we did so YAY! Damn I miss the sun! It feels like we haven't really had a summer? After ice cream we ended the day at Beyond Retro, so many lovely vintage finds in there, so if you're ever in Brighton deffo get yourself down there. They have a cute photo booth too, who could say no to a photo booth?

What's your opinion?

  1. Gorgeous photos! :)

  2. Saff your photography really is something! Trading post is definitely on my to visit list, it looks delicious! xx

    1. Ah thank you so much girl! You deffo have to go there girl! :) xx

  3. This place sounds fab - I'll have to go there next time I'm in Brighton! Xx