Slip Dress Saffy

Happy Sunday everyone, I am gonna keep this one short and sweet today because the weather is fabulous outside and I want to make the most out of not having work today. Hasn't it been great these last few days, summer is definitely on it's way, I kinda feel like I said the exact same thing on my last blog post !? Haha, ah well at least you know it's sunny outside, incase you didn't know ;) 

I was feeling very dark in this outfit so of course I wore red lipstick, which is great to add a pop of colour to the look and of course add a sultry touch, damn I love the word sultry, I don't know why - so you know I had to include it in there somewhere! 

Anyway, I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend, I know I am, I have my first sunday off work in donkeys years, yayaya! 

Top: Urban Outfitters | Dress : Urban Outfitters | Jacket : Urban Outfitters | Shoes : Urban Outfitters 

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