THE TENNIS SKIRT PT.2 : Adidas High Neck


I was debating a lot whether to post this outfit because I felt it was too similar to my last tennis skirt outfit at the tennis courts, but you know... whats wrong with adding a part 2 to that ey! I wanted to show off this jumper but I felt out of everything in my wardrobe it goes best with my tennis skirt. I'm quite liking the sport side of fashion at the moment, can you tell? My fashion at the moment is very versatile, I feel like I look a little confused on my personal style, but I guess I just love mixing it up hehe!  

Anywho hope everyones enjoying their week and speak soon, yaaas! <3 

Jumper | Urban Outfitters | Skirt : Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Hat : Asos | 

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