Kylie Lip Kit : Is it worth the hype ?

This has been a long awaiting post for me to write for a few months now, but finally after lots of procrastination I am finally writing a review on the Kylie Lip Kit. Ever since I heard about Kylie Cosmetics I was eager to get my hands on them, luckily I was kindly gifted four of them for my birthday - which obviously made me a happy bunny. 

If you have managed to escape the media and not know what the Kylie Lip Kit is, I will give you a little insight. Basically Kylie Jenner ( who is part of the Kardashian clan ) has released her own cosmetics line, which started out as just lip kits but is slowly growing and releasing a variety of cosmetics such as eyeliner & eyeshadow. What is a lip kit you ask? Each lip kit comes equipped with a liquid matte lipstick and a cream lip liner all for $29 ( £20) .  Which if you ask me isn't too bad considering it's high quality and you are getting 2 items. However, the only problem if you're ordering from the UK, like me, is delivery and customs. This makes the price of what you're ordering a lot more expensive, making you question is it really worth it? Delivery is around £12 which is expected when buying something from America, but then you need to pay customs I had to pay around £24, which as you can tell it makes it very very expensive. 


Posie K
Posie K is such a pretty pink, I feel it's the perfect summer colour. If you're wearing quite neutral colours it's great to wear to spice up your look a bit more. 

Candy K

Candy K has to be my favourite from the whole collection, it's my go to colour that I wear most days. It's such a pretty nude and can go with just about any look. The only problem is I wear it too much, meaning I need to stock up on a new one soon! I also think it suits me a lot and goes nicely with my hair colour.

Dolce K

Dolce K is probably my least favourite from what I ordered, I feel that the formula is slightly different from the other lip kits as it's a lot more drying and I find by the end of the day it's very crumbly. This may be because I had a bad batch? Or it is simply because the formula is different? I originally thought Dolce K would be my favourite but now I feel the colour doesn't compliment me too well as it washes me out a little as i'm quite pale in skin tone.

Mary Jo K

Mary Jo K is definitely up there as a favourite, it may be my second favourite as I do not wear it as often as Candy K. I think it's such a perfect red and is very sexy and elegant, it makes me feel so confident and beautiful when I wear it. It's nice to have a confidence boost every now and then, so if I need one I just need to turn to my Mary Jo K ;) 

Final Thoughts

When I first went to use the liquid lipstick I was heavily distracted by the smell, it has a strong scent of Vanilla which makes it so satisfying when applying. As for application the brush runs smoothly and you can easily be precise when applying. I find with other liquid lipsticks the brush is always the downfall for me as it's very hard to apply but in this case it applies beautifully. Another good thing is that you can cover up your whole lips with just one dip of the product. As for lasting power, the product for me lasts most of the day and even stays on after eating and drinking, which is a proper bonus if I do say so myself. Then finally the lip liner.  I personally find the lipliner amazing, it's so smooth and glides on your lips very easily. Also making it very quick to get a perfectly lined lip. Overall I think the Kylie Lip Kit is definitely worth buying, but only if you mind paying out the dollar dollar for it, as it's going to cost you a lot. There are many dupes out there, you just need to keep looking for the perfect one. 

I hope my review helped you know a little more about the lip kit, I hope to do more beauty reviews as I really enjoyed writing this post. 

Let me know what you think of Kylie Cosmetics, what colour is your favourite? 

What's your opinion?

  1. Awesome review, thanks for sharing. I've been quite reluctant to buy into this, basically scared it's all hype and I was a lot of money, but your review has reassured me that the items are quality.

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. Those shades look great on you but the kit is so expensive. I feel like I'd get the same results from other lipsticks.

    Emma ♥

  3. Have been wanting to buy the lip kit for ages but not sure if we'd be willing o pay £24 for it! Posey K looks great on you :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. Gorgeous! Those shades looks divine on you.

  5. Wow these colours look amazing on you! Posie k looks beautiful,



  6. You are so beautiful! I've been trying to get my hands on Candy K for so long, the colour definitely goes well with your hair. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

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