Urban Feels

Photography By // Naima Saidi 

I miss blogging, it's hard to balance college and blogging, especially when at the moment it's the hectic time of applying to University. It's crazy colleges make out that you have no future if you don't go to uni, they pressure you so much to apply, but when I think about it.. I have no idea what I want to do as a career, I shouldn't have to pay 9 grand a year on something I may or may not want to do. I kinda want time to figure my life out before I go to uni,but then again i've paid the £23 to apply to UCAS.. I might as well go to the interviews and defer incase I do end up wanting to stick with Fashion Photography. My only problem is I don't know what to do if I don't go to uni, I definitely know I want to dedicate a lot of my time to blogging, it's something I am passionate about and that gets me excited!

For today's blog post I thought I would edit my pictures in a different style, sorry if they're a little too over edited or orangey, I wanted to try something new. What i'm loving at the moment, which you might know if you follow my Instagram, editing my pictures with a blue tint, it's literally my favourite look tehe.

What about you guys.. do you feel pressured into uni? If you're at uni are you doing something you definitely enjoy or want to do as a career? I'm intrigued to know, let me know !? :) 

Top: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Levi's (Ebay) | Jacket: Levi's ( To be worn again) | Shoes: Asos | Necklaces: Urban Outfitters | Belt : Urban Outfitters | 

What's your opinion?

  1. Love your look, it is such a simple yet effortlessly cool outfit! We especially really like the little touches of jewelery to add an extra edge, particularly your dangly necklace
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Same with you, I feel like I've been pressurized to go to Uni. I was stressed and anxious about it the whole time last year, but now that I'm planning to go this fall, it feels better. I feel like I'm gonna be okay and go through it well. Hoping the best for you! x don't feel like you need to go if that's not what you want deep inside your heart.


  3. super:) xx

  4. Loving this look actually! And i totally get your point about not knowing what to do for university. I was there once!! But do take your time off and really think about what you want to do, i do know some friends who only figured out on what they really wanted to do after a year in university and what they did was transfer to the program they wanted but then again everyone's different! But enjoy college atm! x


  5. wow saff, this photos are amazing and you look stunning in them! I really like the way you've edited them, it gives such a cool vibe to them :) xx

  6. Your blog is amazing! I've just started up my own, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look!