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For all you who do not know Scarlett Of Soho is a glasses company which offers monthly plan subscriptions for glasses, a bit like Netflix for eyewear. I have previously done a post which involves me trying on their home try on system which you can find here. The home try on system means you can choose up to four glasses of your choice to try on at home to simply give an idea of what glasses you would want and find what suites you best. They not only sell vintage glasses frames they sell sunglasses too! The home try on kit is very handy in that respect as you want to give the glasses you're buying a try to see if you like them first, this process takes 7 days till then you send them back in the post, while p&p is covered both ways. 

After doing my last post I was kindly offered to do this exciting giveaway for all my readers which involves a free years subscription to Scarlett Of Soho's seasonal plan which is worth £180 and you can change your glasses up to 4 times in that year, which is awesome. 

If you do not win the giveaway you can still get one month free to your subscription using gift code: SAPPH2015 so don't worry too much if you don't win tehe! 

If you would like to enter this fabulous giveaway please read the Terms & Conditions below & enter via rafflecopter 

Entrants need to:

1) - Go to the Scarlett Of Soho website and order the home try on kit, after finalising the order you must enter discount code  SAPPH2015 in the 'order notes' section. This is so you know what glasses you would like if you win the giveaway and don't worry postage & packaging is covered both ways. 

2) Like Scarlett Of Soho on FB & Twitter 

3) You must also be following my blog to enter 

4) Giveaway ends on April the 17th

5) Winner will be contacted by myself or Rob from Scarlett Of Soho 

6) If you do not respond within 48 hours, entrants will be redrawn.

Ps. The other options are optional if you would like extra entry points. 

Other than that I hope you enjoy the giveaway and good luck!

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  1. They have beautiful glasses

    xoxo, ♥