Leathers A Winner

Here is just a quick update of what I was wearing yesterday, it's very hard to balance blogging with college, yes the miserable amount of coursework has came back to haunt me again, typical. I should really be doing my media course work right now but lets keep this a secret between you and me. I have a insane amount of gaps so I am trying to do my pictures etc in my gaps ( If I can find a photographer) so gaps well used.

So yesterday, oh actually Tuesday ( silly me) it was just a simple temperature not fully warm or cold, so this was perfect for that weather. However, later on it did start to become very hot, only reason is because I was wearing a leather skirt and boots, not a good call!?

I hope everyone's having a fabulous week, I will keep posted and hopefully have a look book coming soon, it was supposed to be a ' back to school' one but it may be a bit late, so let's make it ' Autumn Lookbook' ? So keep an eye out on my YouTube, if you're not subscribed, it would mean the world if you do so, we could all be fashion buddies? not a good name? .. hmm.. we will work on that.

Shirt - Topshop

Skirt- Urban Outfitters

Fishnets - Marks and Spencer

Boots - Urban Outfitters

What's your opinion?

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, I just adore this outfit x


  2. You look gorgeous!! :)

    Layla xx


  3. Great top and skirt!


  4. i just discovered your blog and got so surprised when i saw that you're from Brighton! i currently live here as well and seeing you take pictures of some of the places i've been to is so strange but cool at the same time, haha!