Michelle Nichols Photography


During these summer holidays, to kick them off I did some modelling for a photographer named ' Michelle Nichols'. I must say it was a very fun experience, I never thought i'd enjoy modelling so much, even though it wasn't so much a glamourous shoot, it still made me feel beautiful, and that is something that means a lot when you don't have much confidence on your appearance, but don't all girls? I feel that Michelle has very powerful and unique ideas when it comes to her photography, she knows exactly how she wants to possess a subject matter which is brilliant when it comes to shoots like these. As well as a terrific photographer, we both had our make up done by a make up artist ' Lizzie Sitford MUA' who I must say is amazing at make up, but makes me realise how much I suck at make up! This shoot was explained to be inspired by ' Summer Witches' style, but has her own twist to it.

After doing this shoot it's made me crave doing more modelling,obviously if it has a brilliant make up artist too ;) 

What's your opinion?

  1. The pictures are amazing! Well done xo


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    If you are interested,so please let me know or just me and I will fan you back! ;)
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  3. Gorgeous pics!


  4. lovely blog :)


  5. These are amazing!! I love everything about them, so pretty :3

    Lipstick and Mocha