Outfit Of The Day | 27/6/14

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Top - Urban Outfitters
Triangle/Circle Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Choker - Ebay
Fish Nets - Marks and Spencer
Dr martens - Depop

Its been so long since i've last blogged, i almost forget what it's like to blog, I can't think what to write either. Hopefully I will get back into the mind set soon, I will be blogging regularly again, as college is nearly finished and I have all this time on my hands ( well thats if I don't get a job ) . 

Thankfully here in Brighton the weathers been beautiful, you really notice the difference when the weathers good here, everyones more together and making the most of the weather. My favourite thing to do in this weather is ride my bike to the seafront, I really start to appreciate my town more at this time, especially when its sunset. Anyway i'm rambling.

Today the weather wasn't the best it's been in weeks but it was still good enough to blog. I decided to wear my Floral dress styled with my velvet top underneath. I feel like they are both such a great combination, especially with their different textures. This dress is not the most flattering so you need something to make it interesting. This outfit is something I would wear to a festival as it's so comfortable and the patterns match well. I then pared this with my fishnets and dr martens, my favourite combo, no question. Again something you can wear the whole day and still be comfortable, it's so plain but adds so much interest to the outfit. Im definitely enjoying this weather at the moment, I don't know about you, hope your enjoying your summer speak soon.

PS. Im selling some clothes on depop as I need the money, would be lovely if you check it out.

Depop - SapphireSydney 


What's your opinion?

  1. Aw so pretty, love the shoes!


  2. you are so pretty!
    love your style <3

  3. Beautiful photos and outfit!


  4. Great post,love!
    xoxo Antonella


  5. The dress is so pretty! Would you like to follow each other on blog and bloglovin? Let me know. Keep in touch!

    Shikin Kikin | shikinkikin.blogspot.sg