Vagabonds Lace Up Boot Black Canvas

    Office -,10/1294300347

After Christmas I decided to have a quick wonder round office, I came across theses wonderful shoes and since then I could not get over them and was constantly left wanting a pair.
After much time of slightly tearing up while walking past office, I finally got a pair!
Luckily at the time of buying them I was fortunate to have some discount.

They're so beautiful, yet so simple, so you have more of a chance of pairing them with many outfits.
Although they have a heel they're so easy to walk in and that is coming from someone who has the most struggle at walking in heels. As well as being easy to walk in the soles are so comfortable, so I feel good while walking in them, which is all you want when walking in shoes.

I can not say yet if they will last long, but all I can say is I think they will, they are defiantly worth the money, but I would still advise to look around for discount, when looking for discount at shops online I will always search if they're any available discounts before buying.

I would like to quickly say, sorry for the terrible pictures, I was sort of in a hurry but yet I still failed to take some good pictures, hehe.

I was debating whether to do a YouTube video on these shoes, but I thought no one would be interested!

SapphireSays x

What's your opinion?

  1. ahhh saff I love them!! I want a pair myself they are so beautiful!! and look like the perfect heel height, also thank you for the comment on my post xx

    1. Hehe welcome beth, and ahhh thankyou very much :) xx

  2. oohh love the bootts :D

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  4. this pair is lovely, so stylish indeed <3

  5. cute shoes :)

  6. Love these shoes! The soles look very sturdy too so perfect for all types of weather! X

  7. love the shoes!! xx

  8. These are amazing and they look so comfy too x

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  10. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome! :)

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  11. Love those shoes!

  12. They're sooo nice! love the chunky heel you get with Vagabonds
    Daniella x

  13. Great shoes!

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  18. They are super gorgeous shoes! Love the colour! :D
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  20. Love these boots, wanted some for ages - perhaps i should just go for it! Followed you on bloglovin' and gfc, would love if you could support me back ? :)