Outfit Of The Day 26th Of January

Hi guys, so today I have an outfit of the day, but todays is very different.

Last Wednesday I did some modelling for my friend Raul for his A level Photography, so I thought id share some pictures he took and I could make it into some sort of outfit of the day. It was quite a fun experience and I would like to do it again, even though I don't think i'm the most photogenic person ever haha!

Raul told me I should wear something that shouts me all over, my clothing style is different a lot of the time so it's hard to say what my fashion sense is ? So for today i decided to dress my self in something very warm and layer up a lot, as that's my favourite bit about winter.

 Firstly I decided to wear my favourite shirt from Urban Outfitters, I just absolutely adore the collar on it and I feel it's perfect to wear under jumpers. I then decided to wear it with this jumper, it's very oversized but I LOVE wearing it in the winter, as it just has that winter feel to it ? Even though it's oversized I still feel it looks good on! I brought it from a shop in Brighton Lanes called Dirty Harry a couple of years ago and i still love it. WOW.. it feels weird thinking it was 2 years ago, time flies by fast! I know it may seem like it looks too much together, but this is just me! Finally to finish the whole outfit off I style it with my dungarees from Beyond Retro, I just feel an outfit like this looks perfect with some added denim and this is the perfect way to go.

 Then for Jewellery I am wearing my choker from Ebay, which I have come to notice a lot of people wear it at college, so looks like it's the rage at the moment hehe. But it is definitely worth getting, it's so cheap!

I don't know why but when I wear earrings, I constantly wear them in odd pairs.  In this picture you can only see one though. This one is a cross earring from Topshop, which i've had for years! But i've never stopped loving it.

I think it's a bit cold for me personally to wear this out at the moment, however it wasn't too bad wearing these tights home after the shoot. These are my favourite tights i've ever owned they're such a statement piece, i got them for christmas so i'm not exactly sure where they're from, forgive me if i'm wrong but I think they're from New Look? But you must buy a pair if you don't have something similar already, they will always manage to spice an outfit up.

Lastly, we have shoes and socks YAY! So I am wearing my creepers with a Dalmatian print design,which I ADORE! Yes you may say I'm probably wearing a lot of my favourite items in my wardrobe. A lot of people dislike creepers which I have spoke to but personally I love them, maybe it's a love passed on in my family? But I must say I feel they look perfect with dungarees, they do match with a lot though. For socks i am wearing my baby blue socks from Topshop,another one of my favourites. I feel so preppy. I feel these socks look perfect with creepers or even ankle boots, just so you have enough to see the ruffle at the top.

What's your opinion?

  1. These photos and your style is just spot on! Love it saff xx

  2. I love this!
    I adore your collar!
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  3. You look lovely :)
    So cosy but stylish!

    Love Em :)


    1. aw thankyou very much, and yes deffiently hehe.
      Just followed both links, love your blog! :) xx

  4. These photos are incredible! You look stunning! :)

    xx Katariina,
    High Heels, Low Jokes

  5. Absolutely love the shoes! They look so cute. The socks are cute too, I recently bought about 6 pairs of those frilly socks from Topshop.


  6. I love the choker! and collar!
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  7. I know this sounds really spammy (trust me, I get enough on my own blog to know), but I've gone through about five pages of your blog and I really do love your outfit posts! Your friend takes such unusual photos, and I love how they've come out, so fingers crossed his A Level goes well :) xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

    1. No its not spammy, and thankyou sooo soo much!! Yes he is a born photographer hehe :) xx

  8. Wow these a really beautiful photographs - I love the 90s chocker necklace!! Haven't seen one of those in a while! :)