Dresses Have other Purposes Too

So 2014 has began and I am back to grips of blogging again, I hope everyone had a fabulous new year and Christmas. For christmas i would usually ask for money to spend in the sales but this year I wanted to be surprised and I defiantly got some surprises, How was your christmas? 

Starting off this year has been extremely cold but that is no reason for not wearing skirts and dresses. I think winter is still a great time to pull it off,although I would advise to wear thick tights and leggings, because then you never get cold. As long as your layering up, anything could work!

Underneath what I am wearing is a dress which i got from Urban Outfitters, I thought the collar and pattern on the dress would look lovely underneath a jumper and can really spice up an outfit. I think dresses can have many purposes not just to wear alone, although it may be harder to dress ones with no collar. But you could even put a skirt over a dress, so the dress could be used as a top, this all depends on how it looks and what works best with it.

Now i decided to pair this dress with my Topshop knit jumper, I feel a jumper like this is a wardrobe essential, as it's very simple and you can wear it with just about everything.

I'm not the one to wear patterns with patterns, as I feel it is too much and looks a bit crazy when they're together. But I wore this tartan scarf as I feel the dress only has a small amount of pattern showing and you need something like this to really finish the outfit and make it more interesting and of course to make you warmer.

So with the dress there is no reason why I can't wear a skirt, as long as the dress is hidden and not showing through, it looks perfect together. So I decided to wear my denim skirt from beyond retro, Beyond Retro is a vintage store based in a few places in England, one of which is Brighton. You can still find many skirts like this, although it won't be the exact same. You may even be able to find many similar ones in high street stores such as Topshop, New Look, H&M etc..
But I feel this looks very well with everything as the denim really contrasts well, it also adds a whole new texture.

I absolutely adore this russian hat, it was the only thing I  got to purchase in the sales. It's so warm and fluffy. It's defiantly a statement item as its quite big. I had my eye on it before christmas and luckily Urban had it in there sale, RESULT! But It defiantly goes well with what I am wearing in the sense of the colours contrast perfectly with the coat the creams go with the collar and then the browns go with the whole coat, I think this year is defiantly the year for these hats.

Lastly, i am wearing my mary-jane shoes from Office , the ones I have linked are very similar but there are lots of places selling really nice ones, for example Topshop,have these really nice ones, which are a little cheaper! I'm sorry my socks are really un-neat in this picture but they're probably getting a bit old and tatty now, maybe an excuse to get some new ones, especially the cute ones from Topshop! ;)
The ones i am wearing are actually from New Look, which is much cheaper than Topshop, but you can even get much better prices at Primark.

Anyway, I will be blogging more and more soon,so keep your eye out and I hope you have a great weekend.

SapphireSays x

What's your opinion?

  1. Gorrrgeous outfit :) I'll have to pick up those shoes, soo pretty! That coat is amazing as well.


  2. This is such a cute outfit! Where I live it stays pretty warm even during winter, so wearing dresses isn't too difficult! I wouldn't mind it being colder. :)


    1. Thankyou, Ahh really, ah I love winter as it's great for layering and things just look really well but summer is great too plus you can wear some pretty tights with a dress hehe!:)

  3. You look amazing! <3



  4. Your name is Saffy & my name is Saffron :o lol, such a coincidence, my friend who I run my blog with is also called Saffron! Love your blog though, and love this outfit post!

    Have you got any social networking sites? Would love to connect more! Given your blog a follow, would love one back :p



  5. Ahhh haha snap! hehe. Ah thankyou very much.
    Yes I have a twitter and youtube, that would be great, I will follow yours now hehe :)
    My twitter is :https://twitter.com/SapphireSydney
    Youtube is : http://www.youtube.com/user/SapphireSays

  6. Lovely blog! Really enjoy reading it, and I must say, I love your clothing style! <3

    1. aww thankyou soo much, glad you like it :) x

  7. such a cute outfit! also your camera looks amazing, what is it? :) new follower!
    Beth | Hey It's Toots

  8. That outfit is so lovely! I especially love the scarf wow x