How to: Do Winged Eyeliner

Today I have done a tutorial on how to do winged eyeliner, you can catch this video on my youtube channel.

I have to say it's very hard to explain for me, but hopefully everyone understands what i'm trying to explain.

So Firstly you start from the crease of your eye working your way to the outer edge of your eye, starting off your line very thin and eventually getting thicker as you get round. It's hard to get perfect your first time, i remember when i first tried to do it, i had to at least do around 3 times before i got it okay.

After you have perfected your line, you then move on to the wing. The best thing to do is use your water line as a guidance, so drawing a small line outwards you then go from that point bringer the liner back in towards the eye. It then should make a sort of triangle shape. After you have done this you can then colour in the gap in the triangle. Then Voila it is done!

Not everyone has this technique but this is what i use and i feel it helps me best, some people may find other methods easier. But I hope this explanation helped and you can understand what i'm trying to say.


What's your opinion?