How I Style: A Paisley Shirt

Hey Guys,So today I decided to film an outfit, which will feature in my next video.This will be how to style a paisley shirt, I felt a bit ill today so sorry for the paleness and really read nose.Here you can tell how excited and hyper I was feeling, my video will be due to come out at sometime next week, this is because I have 3 more outfits to film and I feel I should have an interesting location for each.Unfortunately filming this I lost my favourite ring I won in a dixi competition.To start off my look, accessories wise I am wearing my gold Casio watch from amazon. I am also wearing my usual ying yang necklace and choker.In this photo I look a bit awkward, in my defence I felt like someone was watching me haha.But back to the point, here I have styled my shirt on the side like a cardigan. I have done this because i feel it spices up the outfit a bit and adds interest. With this I am wearing a Velvet playsuit which is from Urban Outfitters, if you are interested in buying it, be careful on what one you buy as there is one that is something like £98 which the material feels more cheaper! I have also styled it with another shirt which is from Henry Holland in Debenhams; I think shirts style well with playsuits and this is why I conventionally will where shirts a lot underneath these sort of outfits.I have also styled it with a plain black belt with gold elephants on it, also from Urban outfitters. I feel this belt puts the outfit together and makes it look better.To finish the look off I have styled it with my Dr Marten boots, this is as its very cold at this time in the month and it adds to the autumn look.


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